Blast Off…with permission!

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I have made the decision to forge forward with the integration of a new technology into my classroom for my learning project!  I have given this a lot of thought as I already have a Facebook page well established in my room, but I think this is a great opportunity for myself as an educator to try something new and follow the lead of my students.  I always get wrapped up in the curriculum and feel bound by time and themes so I know this will help grow my pedagogy and make me a more responsive teacher.  My kiddos this year are intrigued with our Facebook, always asking me to snap photos and “put them on our page” so instead of that, why don’t they show me what is important to them and snap the photo’s themselves?

Each day we will have a new Facebook Author and Photographer who will share whatever they want from our day.  I will screen the information and add it to our page!  This project will give kiddos ownership in a safe way.  We will also focus on internet safety and digital citizenship throughout the project.  I have attached a permission slip  that I will send home tomorrow to my families – I have  asked that these slips come back on or before Friday so I can start our project on Monday! 🙂  This permission slip will cover sharing photos or videos on my blog with no names attached as well as sharing my final project with all of you in class.  I feel like this is both a legality and a courtesy to my families to ensure everyone feels safe participating.  Feel free to check it out, use it, modify it, etc.

University Class Media Release Note

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    1. I’m hoping for at least 23/24 as that is what my participation is for my classroom Facebook! My only hesitation is that parents MAY be more apprehensive as it is a more public forum and therefore creates more of a digital footprint than my private group. I have promised no names be associated with the pictures or video so I am hoping that, that helps! I have heard many reasons in my years for not participating – first there are just the handful whom don’t return the form and therefore don’t participate, there have been issues with custody and child protection, parents whom just don’t believe in having their child online at a young age at all…lots of reasons! I’ll keep everyone posted! We’re doing an assignment on “online safety” tomorrow in preparation. 🙂


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