To Ted Ed. or not to Ted Ed…that shouldn’t be a question!

Hello #ECI831 and beyond,

This week I had the pleasure of looking through some OER’s to better help my understanding of online education.  First, what is an OER?  Click on the link connected to the blue OER  above or check out this short video:

There are a plethora of online educational resources available in the blink of eye!  We are living in an era where education is shifting and changing at rates that are hard to fathom.  Education is moving to the online world and institutions are scrambling to keep up, to offer their students something different, something to keep them at the institution instead of exploring other online, free, options.  In my blog last week I speak a lot about the pro’s and con’s of open education, feel free to pop back and check it out!  This week, I am going to take some time and review the site TED ED: Lessons Worth Sharing as an OER available on the web.  Check out the short video below as an introduction to the idea of TED-Ed.

First, I love the idea that TED ED promotes “what every teacher hopes, that their students would be, a life-long learner”.  TED ED allows people all over the world to access the best education because the whole point is “to capture and amplify the greatest teacher’s in the world”.   TED ED gives people the opportunity to access hours and hours worth of lessons in a wide variety of subject matter featuring original animated videos, resources and questions from “Ted speakers and fellows, educators, designers, animators, screenwriters, directors, science writers, historians, journalists and editors.”

I LOVE this site and know I will absolutely be accessing lessons for both myself and my students.  I found the TED ED site very user-friendly and well organized.

Step 1:  Select the subject you are interested in.

Step 2:  Select the grade or age level of learner.

Step 3:  Dig through and find the video you’re interested in!

Step 4:  Select it and enjoy!

Each video offers a “Watch”, “Think”, “Dig Deeper” and “Discussion” section so that you not only get the information relayed in the video but you can then take it further and discuss with not only the other learners around you, but those around the world too.  There is also the option to read different blogs related to the subject matter which could enhance the learning opportunities of older students or adult learners who wanted to deeper their understanding.  The TED ED experience is a global one which makes it unique and different for kids!

From what I can tell from not only watching many videos on TED ED but also reading about their philosophies around education I would be confident to say that the resources on this OER are typically high-quality.  TED ED is seeking out the best of the best in particular field of studies and is supported fully on donations and funds from the TED ED store to keep everything running but still free for educators, students and all learners.

TED ED is very easy to search and navigate!  You have the choice to search by subject area as mentioned above, or you can type key words to the search bar and locate videos and information that way.  All of these options as well as the fact  that information is shared in the form of videos, questions/quizzes, and blogs makes it very easy to use and appeals to a large audience of varying age of learner.

Overall, I am thrilled that I was introduced to TED ED: Lessons Worth Sharing.  I absolutely see the value in this resource and think it would be beneficial to myself and my colleagues.  The videos are a great length to show in class and the questioning fits directly into curriculum and promotes higher level connections and thinking.  Check out this cool math lesson and the video that accompanies it for a look into what TED ED has to offer!

Remember an account is free, so sign up and try it out!  Let me know what you think. 🙂


❤ Dani

“Educating the mind,

without educating the heart

Is no education at all.”



4 thoughts on “To Ted Ed. or not to Ted Ed…that shouldn’t be a question!

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  1. Between your post, and Marley’s, Ted Ed is not a question! I will definitely give it a serious look.
    Thank you for the well organized summary and introduction to Ted Ed!


  2. Thanks for sharing your enthusiastic take on Ted Ed. I also evaluated it for my blog post and thought it was amazing. I thought, how could I not have known about this resource! So happy to have been introduced to it and think you did a great job explaining how to use it!


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