The polls are in…on Plikers!

Hello #ECI831’s and beyond,

It’s no surprise to me that the world of assessment and “quizzes or reviews” has moved into the digital world for our littles, but I had no idea how many tools were at my disposal to help these kiddos tell their stories and share their answers in new and exciting ways!  As my classmate Channing mentioned in our Tuesday class, it will be a great excuse to try out some of the apps that get pushed through on our school Ipad’s that I just never seem to get too! Or an app that I know would be awesome if I had the time to explore it and use it properly!  I decided that for this review, I would pick an app that I had used a long time ago but never explored to its full capacity – Plickers.  As Roxanne says about the app Socrative in her blog this week, Plikers is a fun and engaging assessment tool that utilizes a live time feature that is different and exciting.  We have 5 Ipad’s allotted to our classroom and between 24 and 29 kids depending on integration, so I also wanted to explore an Ipad app that could be used when I don’t have enough devices for each student.  A HUGE bonus of Plikers is that you only need one device to be able to use the app. 😀


So…you’re probably thinking, get to the point Hackel – what does this program actually do for me?  Well, there are many features I loved when I took the time to explore this program!

First – The freedom!

Plikers allows you to create your own question content so it’s

awesome for any subject!  I created a little math quiz as a trial but the sky is the limit!  A negative would be, that there doesn’t seem to be a bank of pre-made questions to select from which means that you are on the hook for it all!

I loved this feature regardless of that because it’s so versatile – much easier than an app limited to one subject!

Second – the cards!

These babies are super unique!  Each card is labelled with a number that gets assigned to each student in your class on a roster – this way you can track who is responding and more importantly who is responding correctly and incorrectly so you know what to focus on with who! 🙂

On each side of the black shape their is a letter A, B, C or D.  For kiddos to answer a question, all they have to do is turn their card to have the correct letter facing up!  Fun, engaging and simple to understand.

Three: Paper saver!

In the past, to formatively assess, we might think paper and pencil – print a quiz and have kiddos complete it to show their knowledge.  I printed the cards, 2 to a sheet on regular paper, put their name on the correct numbered card and laminated them for durability!  This way, I used 12 pieces of paper and can quiz and review without ever printing another piece.  Yay trees!

Four: The results are in!

There are so  many cool features with tracking progress and answers through Pliker’s!  You can see graphs and charts that are personalized with your kiddos names and track their responses so you know exactly where everyone is at!


To finish off, here is a quick video about the program and how to use it if you want an even closer look at the functionality!

Overall, I am so excited to continue to use Pliker’s in my classroom!  My kid’s loved the trial we did and were already asking when we were going to do it again.  I can see so many uses for this app in my classroom including quizzes, reviews, jokes or riddles for fun, and using it as a “Show what you know” when introducing a new subject.

I would ABSOLUTLEY suggest checking Pliker’s out!

great job thumbs up GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

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❤ Dani

“Educating the mind without educating the heart,

is no education at all.”



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  1. This is a fantastic review. I might have to give this a try sometime. Online quizzes are fun but the extra tech sometimes is also distracting. This allows for interactive quizzes without the worry that they are off task on their phone or chromebook. Also it looks like your kids had a great time.


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