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Hello everyone!

We have been diligently working away at our Think Local/Think Global project (#lionkidshelpingkids) and things are going great!  We have been taking time in class to work through the Red Cross’ Beyond the Hurt Program – focusing most recently on the difference between rude behaviour and bullying, the types of bullying, communication skills and conflict resolution.  This program is designed for grades 5-12 so we have done some adapting so the my kiddos can get something from the program. 🙂  We were also thrilled that we inspired another class to participate in The Red Cross’ 150 Ways initiative!  They created posters and submitted them.  My class was really happy  to hear their hard work and how much they are trying to spread their message paying off.  One of things that I personally have been most excited to see is that kids are realizing that not all rude or mean behaviour is bullying and that it doesn’t mean that we don’t have to deal with it, but that we may deal with it differently than we would bullying.  I think this is particularly important because kids will have the knowledge to take home to their parents to help them understand the difference so we can curb the number of false bullying claims and focus on the real issues in our schools and communities.  I ABSOLUTELY don’t condone mean or rude behaviour but the way we deal with it and the education around is different.

I love this article – I think it does a wonderful job distinguishing between the three.

Is it Rude, Is it Mean, Is it Bullying? 


As a fundraising option within our school, we chose to support The Regina Red Cross because we are using the “Chair Affair Gala” to support Grandmother’s 4 Grandmother’s – only fair! 😉  My kiddos have been working SO hard to advertise, bake and announce each morning over the intercom information about not only our bake sale, but facts about the Red Cross they have researched.  They are very proud and very excited to see how much money they will raise!  Our bake sale is this Wednesday at Lakeview BUT if you would like to donate to our cause please send me an email to – donations are GREATLY accepted. ❤

  Here is a couple snaps of my kiddos getting their
 advertisements done to hang up around the school!

To help prepare us for our “Chair Affair” contribution we welcomed Susan Holmes from the Grandmother’s 4 Grandmother’s Regina Chapter to our classroom!  She came and shared a beautiful slideshow showcasing photos of real people that the foundation has helped, stories of her own experiences in Africa as well as showed the kiddos photos and artwork from Africa to help inspire their chair and table design.  I think this presentation brought life and faces to our project which is the most meaningful part – the kids can see that their hard work is making real change happen all the way across the world!  We have to have our chair and table painted by May 1st so we have lots of work to do!  So far we’ve done design ideas on paper and then were going to pitch our ideas to the group in the week to follow.  This should showcase teamwork at its finest.


Overall I am so happy with how this project is shaping up and how engaged the kids are with the content!  It is AMAZING to see how empathetic they are and how much they truly care about one another.  I am excited to keep you all in the loop as everything comes together!  I am hoping that Scott McHenry, a former Saskatchewan Roughrider who now works with the Red Cross to accept our donation and talk to the kids!

Thanks for reading,

Dani ❤

“Educating the mind without educating the heart,

is no education at all.”



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