This is it…get ready for the mic drop!

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Hello ECI830’ers,

This week (on Monday if we’re getting sticky on dates! 😉 ) Joe, Amy and I are presenting our argument on why IT IS unfair to our children to have so much openness and sharing in schools. scared dog GIF I’m not going to give away our arguments just in case the opposition is watching————————————>

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But I’m just here to tell you that I think myself and my team have put together a very convincing argument on why we need to, if nothing else, be more mindful of how much, and what we are sharing online of our kids and their work.  The world is a VERY connected place now and the implications of what we post will follow our kids throughout the rest of their lives.  We teach them to be careful and think of the consequences of their actions, but are parents and schools doing the same when they sign off the media consent, the facebook page consent, etc.  I’m not so sure!

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Now, before someone says, “well aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black”  – I know, I have a classroom Facebook page that I readily share both student work and pictures on.  That being said, I have a very strict permission package that goes home with every family that outlines both how I intended to use the page as well as the rules and guidelines around saving, sharing or tagging photos.  I feel better about this because it is separate from the division media release and I can police it’s comings and goings on my own rather than counting on the powers that be.  Also, all of my content is closed and deleted at the end of every school year.  I recognize and respect when a parent declines to be a part of the page however because I absolutely see the risks.

Looking forward to seeing how the debate shakes down on Monday!  Get ready Kari, Esther and Shelly!  We’re coming for you! 😉

❤ Dani

“Educating the mind, without educating the heart,

is no education at all.”




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