Kids These Days…The Prequel.

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Here we are again ECI830’ers, another debate looming!

This week we are looking at the age old question, “Is Social Media Ruining Childhood?”.  Well isn’t this a loaded little question!  This is the first time during this course that I am having a hard time picking a side…I know we are supposed to, for the sake of a good argument, pick one, but for today – I am going to give my feelings on both sides!  I promise to pick one tomorrow!

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Again, these are my feelings and opinions only as no information or resources have been posted by either side of the debaters yet!  So here goes…


I’m going to take the obvious route here and share that THANK GOODNESS THERE WAS NO SOCIAL MEDIA WHEN I WAS A KID! sentiment that I have heard time and time again.  My generation and those before me have had the ability to forget the less desirable choices we made as young people because they were not preserved online for all to see forever.  We had the opportunity to make mistakes and grow from them without having them necessarily impact the rest of our lives.  Social media is taking away the privacy from childhood because there are lens’ on us all the time – documentation of pretty much our ever move.  I literally remember reading people’s Facebook status’ when it first launched that said, “Eating a sandwich” or “Walking to 711” or “Almost bedtime!”.  Our lives are time capsuled in the most mundane way…but our most private and intimate moments are also there – when we’re born, our first steps, teeth, words, school day.  The list could go on and on.  Our social media foot print is built long before we have any knowledge of it or say in it.  Could this ruin a child’s life?  I don’t think this reality has been around long enough to say for sure…I suppose this echo’s back to my debate last week!  We can’t say with certainty how this behaviour now will impact our children in the future…are we willing to chance it?


First, I guess one main thing is that kids probably don’t even know if social media is ruining their childhood’s because they haven’t known another childhood without it!  They have only ever had the ability to see themselves grow up on the computer, frozen in time.  So…I guess worst case scenario, even if we think it’s ruining them, at least they don’t have a comparison? 😉

Social media has connected us to friends and family all over the world.  Social media has made the world we all exist in very small.  By having social media, even as a kid, we have the capacity to keep in touch with our friends and family from afar.  Our grandparents can see us grow up and be a part of that time, even if they live across the country or the world.  The idea of that is really special.  Social media also allows us to document our childhood and adolescence – now I realize I JUST mentioned that this was a bad thing above, but lets look at the other side of the coin!  Our social media is a visual map of our experiences as children!  It shows us where we have visited, who we were with, what we wore, etc.  This outlet is a self-curated look at your life that you can cherish for years to come.  The idea of that is pretty cool!  Being able to share your life with YOUR kids could be a gift, a modern way to share and tell stories.

Lastly, a positive is that IF your caregivers who start your social media are mindful in doing so, your social media will be a beautiful start to your digital footprint. You will have a great step in the right direction in making sure that employers, schools, etc. see the best you.

SO MUCH TO CONSIDER!!!  I can’t wait to hear from you all tomorrow!

❤ Dani

“Educating the mind, without educating the heart

is no education at all.”




2 thoughts on “Kids These Days…The Prequel.

Add yours

  1. Hi Dani,

    I really enjoyed your post. Like you, I find myself teeter tottering back and forth between agree and disagree for this week’s debate because I truly don’t think there is a right or wrong answer. You mentioned that right now, we don’t know how our children’s or student’s digital footprints may impact them in the future because this is a new generation challenged with new things. However, I think every generation has been thrown challenges and every generation finds a way to successfully navigate through the “new world”.I also really enjoy your point about how if caregivers are mindful in the creation of one’s digital footprint, then we are taking a step in the right direction.

    These conversations that are sparked within schools and the community are important. Rather than being resistant to change (which I sometimes am), I think it is important to embrace these new tools and devices available to us so that we can navigate through this new digital era, and create positive outcomes along the way.


  2. I feel that ‘ruining’ is such a strong word. ‘Changing’ may be more appropriate. I most definitely appreciate the era that I grew up in having no social media and for the most part little internet. We got to enjoy the days of endless outdoor play and not being consumed by screens. I do hope that my own kids will be able to find balance in this. I am thankful that I did not start creating a digital footprint until I was older and more mature. I feel that this is most definitely a concern we need to address to protect our children from how that footprint may impact them later in life. They are much younger in making this footprint. This will be a great debate I feel! Looking forward to it!


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