Mad Scientists in Training: The Joe and Dani Story

Hello ECI834er’s and beyond,

My classmate turned friend (but still classmate)  Joe and I have decided to join forces and create our Blended Learning Unit together!  We have chosen to tackle both teaching a slightly needy grade 2/3 class to use Google Classroom and then complete their Solids and Liquids Unit using the blended learning approach!  Crazy???  Maybe.  But we’re excited to give it a go!  Interested in following along on this journey?  Here’s the beginning – the skeleton of what will eventually be our unit!  Just click below…you know you want to.

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                                              CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!


Thanks for checking it out,

❤ Dani

“Educating the mind without educating the heart,

is no education at all.”



9 thoughts on “Mad Scientists in Training: The Joe and Dani Story

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  1. I like your idea and plan of action. I think we all make assumptions on our learners and their capabilities. They continue to surprise us and giving them this opportunity will pay dividends for all later. Learning measurements is a life skill and I think they will be excited to get this started. Are you doing it for real or conceptually?


  2. Your profile was easy to understand and follow. A couple tools you may find useful are (works well with google classroom, can upload and annotate docs/pdfs, embed audio responses, there are opportunities to categorize (example is it a solid/liquid/gas, can also embed other apps and video, – helps with the timeliness and effectiveness of formative feedback) another tool to maybe explore is flip gird (could help with the videoing and sharing of demonstrations and provide feedback) Both free and learning curve not to steep. Good luck.


  3. Awesome Idea Danni and creative. I liked your plan and thrilled to know that you are targeting students in younger grade and admire your choice. I will look forward to seeing how your course progress!


  4. This is awesome Dani. I love how you are using Kahoot and Plikers as they are good tools that can engage students as well! Google Read and Write is another great resource you’ve highlighted which can support all students!


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