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Hello ECI834er’s,

The results are in and I was so excited for the feedback about Joe and I’s online class so far!  sassy i don't know GIF by Cartoon HangoverWe did run into some snags with Regina Public School’s user agreements not allowing for email addresses outside the RPS domain to access our content, but we did get creative and found a way around it.  It’s complicated – but it can’t ever be easy is what I’m finding out!  It’s a neat experience to have someone evaluate your work as if they were a student…but be able to articulate what they did and didn’t like in an adult way! 🙂  I am grateful for the opportunity to make this unit better, easier to use and to learn more about the tools that were suggested to us to enhance the functionality and ease for our kiddos!  I think for simplicity sake, I will go through our feedback section by section and lend a comment to each piece.   I have linked our course shell HERE if you would like to look at it again for a refresher on our course content.  In order to navigate this response to our feedback, please know that the section under the microscope will be bolded and all in CAPITALS, the comment or question from our reviewer will be bolded and italicized and my responses will be directly underneath in regular print.


Something to consider is about how your students can show what they learned by “creating” something instead of the “input/output” of the facts, you did show them how to cut & paste on your Screencastify and maybe that is enough at this grade level.. Could you include the “design an experiment” using ice cubes, water or ?? to show a liquid or solid?? Just an idea of how to make it more hands on.
This is absolutely something we considered and have already started putting into practice!  One of the next modules will be an “experiment” based module where the kids are getting down and dirty with the content hands on!  We are still ironing out details with regards to how this will look…but it’s in the works!  I was also considering, based solely on the school I am at this year, that it might be fun to have them try a very simple experiment at home, have their family videotape it, and upload it to the classroom!  Or, send it to me and I can upload it!  I’m not 100% sure how many would participate as only 5 of 26 did the Matter Chatter survey at home as it was assigned, but it would be a fun assignment for those families that wanted to give it a shot!  Such a great idea, thanks for the feedback.

I like how you chunked it into very simple steps and very small portions as to not overwhelm your students (although I’m sure those small lessons took at least 30 mins each, haha!).

Let me tell ya…everything is taking FOREVER!  We do have everything broken down into step by step activities and small instructions at a time, but each step does take at least 30 minutes to do.  By the time we get the computers out, remember how to login, help the students that can’t login independently, find the correct activity, run over how to complete said activity and then finally do the darn thing, we are looking at the almost the entirety on the hour that I have the computers booked for.  We were commended for trying this with such a young age…and although I am so thankful we did, it’s not the most practical thing YET because I can’t have the computer carts an hour everyday and to move through the modules smoothly, you would kind of have to.


In the module you had students fill out a Google Form but IF you want
to know the individual results of this to use as assessment then you need to add a question with their name as a response. IF this would only be used to judge if the class as a whole mastered the material and you can move on or need to review “assessment for instruction” purposes then you would not need individual results.

jim carrey oops GIF


So I actually laughed out loud reading this feedback because unfortunately I got it too little too late for 5 of the kiddos!  My intention was to collect the data from each child and use it for assessment purposes…didn’t even consider the name question as I wasn’t fully sure how Google Classroom recorded the answers.  So after I was frantically trying to find the answers that my 5 who did it at home submitted, I text Joe and found out that you have to create the document to store the answers!  Joe to the rescue – he did it for me and then that’s when I realized I didn’t put the name line in!  Thankfully, I was able to go back in and edit the document to add the name before my other 21 kids did the assignment! All is well that ends well.  I am excited to try out “EdPuzzle” as you suggested and potentially create a little assignment for the Bill Nye Video.  Thanks for being so thorough and noticing this…ugh…the learning curve.

I am guessing your feedback would be given directly
through google classroom??

Our feedback would likely be given in both in person and through google classroom!  I think verbal feedback for some of my kids this year would be much easier than online, however, that being said, I like challenge of trying something new with them and seeing how it goes.  They do have some limited knowledge of Google Read & Write from the tutorial at the beginning but I think it would take a refresher to have them use it on their own!  I also LOVE the idea of doing a Google Classroom “how to” at  the beginning of the year, what a great suggestion.


Because this is a “Science” topic I do not see the need to include cultural considerations but you could include how you would address the needs of students with EAL.

I do agree with not needing cultural considerations, however, I think the need for understanding how to address students with EAL needs is an important one.  I think I bypassed this topic because I actually do not have any EAL students in my class this year and therefore, when I was planning to actually do this unit with my class, I knew it wouldn’t be a required adaptation.  However, in thinking about it now, I think Google Read & Write will be a great resource if utilized properly so passages can be read aloud, I think watching experiments and videos done online will help too!  I would also consider “buddying” students up rather than giving them each a computer and therefore students with more understanding or skills in technology could be “teacher helpers”.


To take your next module “to the next level” I would suggest instead of finding the song and/or video, you would create the content. Kids look up to “Youtubers” nowadays and would LOVE to see you on the screen-think about it!!

beavis and butthead oscars 1997 GIFThis is a brilliant idea!  My class loves hammin’ it up and I’m sure they would be obsessed with seeing themselves “on the big screen”.  My wheels are turning on how I could potentially use this idea as a final type project where they could show what they learned using video as an outlet.  Thank you so much for the idea.

Movie Star GIF


Thank you for the thoughtful feedback!  It was a treat to dig through and gain more insight into our unit.  I am grateful for the feedback on our organization and the fact  that we have adapted the LMS for a younger audience.  I feel really great moving forward with it and am excited to see where it goes!  Thank you again SO much for taking the time to offer up the feedback and look through the content of our course.


Thanks for reading,

❤ Dani

“Educating the mind without educating the heart,

is no education at all.”


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  1. Great post, aside from the content (which is also really great), I really like how you took direct quotes from the feedback and responded below. You and Joe have obviously put a lot of thought into your course and I really enjoyed reviewing it. I am glad you figured out how to get the names on the google form. I agree that it can be a big learning curve and we sometimes miss the smallest steps when focusing on the big picture! Best of luck completing your course this next week!


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