Hello friends!  First and foremost, thank you so much for taking the time to check out my page, I hope you find something of value or least have a little laugh at my trials and tribulations.  I have so much to learn about the world of blogging but I am so grateful to be trying it out!  My name is Danielle, most people call me Dani.  I am a proud elementary school teacher holding my B.Ed in Arts Education and my BFA majoring in theatre.  I am 2 classes away from achieving my Master’s in a journey through Curriculum and Instruction and I am so excited to see where this further education takes me.  I am also a wife and “mom” to 2 Bullmastiff’s, 2 Himalayan cats, a Black Capped Conure and a salamander.  I am a small business owner of Mortise and Tenon in beautiful downtown Regina, where I strive with my partners to support and celebrate other small and local Artisans.  I love shopping, spin class, yoga, crystals and essential oils.  I am thankful everyday for the opportunities I have been given, and continue to be awarded in my life.  I can’t wait to see where each new day takes me.

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