Summary of Learning ECI831

Well Folks,

Here it is – my final summary of my learning!  I am so proud of all the work my little ones did!  Overall, I am so happy with how the project turned out.

Thanks for watching…I hope for a second you could just take yourself back to the silliness and fun of a grade 2 class.

Ps.  The music was all free and usable from Itunes and the artist was not listed!  The songs are called, “The Only Girl” and “Sophomore Makeout” if you’re interested.

❤ Dani

“Educating the mind without educating the heart,

Is no education at all.”



My True Story of Openness

Hello my ECI831 friends and beyond,

This week I chose to make a quick video and share my true story of openness.  In my video…as you’ll soon find out if you choose to watch it, that I am aware of how “off topic” my story is based on the content of the course, but it’s my story none the less!  I watched this video on True Stories of Open Sharing and loved the idea – so in addition to this story I am also going to post a video of myself reading a favourite book of mine in hopes that it will come in handy or touch someone, somewhere one day.  Watch for that later this weekend! 🙂  I think this post ties into my Learning Project as well as I am encouraging my kiddos everyday when they get a chance to be our Facebook Author and Photographer to tell the stories that matter to them…the ones that catch their attention, make them feel happy or catch them off guard.  I am asking my littles to step out of their comfort zones, so I should do the same.



Thank you for bearing with my rambles.

❤ Dani

“Educating the mind without educating the heart,

Is no education at all.”


“If you wish to be a writer, write.” -Epictetus

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Half way through our learning project?!?!  Where is the time going?!  Now that I am given some time to reflect on this journey, I have to say, I am so incredibly thankful that I was given the push to change my current classroom practice.  I think sometimes we get in a rut once we have taught for many years and it’s hard to step outside of what we know and out of what works.  My Facebook page, although I adore it as a tool to help engage parents and allow them to have meaningful conversations about their child’s day, it was a routine I was very comfortable with and therefore was never motivated enough to change.  I always wanted to have the kid’s write and take photo’s for our page because I value what the kids notice in our day that I might not.  When I am running  the show I frame the day however I choose, everything is through my eyes only.  When the kids take over we all get the opportunity to experience things through their eyes – see what they see and what is engaging to them.  The joy they find in the small things is so refreshing.  I think this project, even in its early stages has reminded me that my classroom needs to be a student centered place full of exploration and inquiry.

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I have given my littles very few guidelines as to what they can take photos of, or what they can include in their writing aside from : be kind, be creative, be appropriate and tell us something cool about your day.  The results have been amazing and the kids are so excited for their turn.  The parents have been incredibly receptive to the experience too – they have expressed how much they love seeing what interests their children throughout a day.  I had 19/24 families send back the permission slip I sent home for this project – I was really happy with that as I was unsure if families would be comfortable with images of their child being shared online in a more open concept.  Once I posted our “Internet Safety Tips Video”  I received 2 emails from families who then wanted their child to participate.  Sometimes I think families need to see the technology and practice in action to know that it is worth while, connected to curriculum and meaningful.

Now, everything hasn’t been just butterflies and rainbows – I have absolutely ran into bumps along the way!  Below are a couple:

  • Kids are using a VERY expensive piece of technology.
    • I am entrusting one of our brand new Ipads with the kids – we spent a whole class learning how to use it, how to handle it, what to do and what not to do.  Time well spent as if something happens to it, we don’t get another
  • I can’t email or text myself photos off the Ipad.
    • For whatever insane reason, we as a school do not have control over what programs/functions the Ipads have.  If we want a new program, or to change any function on the Ipads we have to email support, wait, wait, and keep waiting and then have them approve it and then it goes onto all the division purchased devices.  That being said, I can’t conveniently send myself the photos and videos from the Ipad once the kiddos take them – I have to Google Drive them a few at a time, download them, save them and then upload them to my facebook.  There are also no editing tools on the Ipad if I needed them…

Below are some examples from my first few authors, they have all been asked to use nick-names for this project as my permission slip mentioned no names would be directly associated with photos:

Today we welcomed “Star” as our Facebook Author/Photographer! Enjoy her photos! “Star” got the opportunity to take photos of whatever she chose today – here are 11 of her choices. “Star” was very responsible with the Ipad and made everyone feel welcome by being included the process. 🙂

“I just loved tacking all off the piters” – Star

(I just loved taking all of the pictures)

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Today we welcomed “Inky” as our guest author/photographer! “Inky” had so much fun taking silly photos all day long with his friends.

He says: “I want to play games. Math and free gym and recess and morning work and agenda were my favourite. I liked the story too!”

Thanks for taking over for the day “Inky”. 🙂

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Today we had “Karate Kid” take over our Facebook page! He was a sneakster with the camera catching lots of friends on camera and video. Thanks so much “Karate Kid”, it was so cool to see what you noticed throughout our day.

He says, “Ole the kides on fasboke are qiyit. Bo not go on the site you bot now.”
(All the kids on Facebook are quiet. Do not go on the sites you don’t know)

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To come:

  • Have my kiddos video tape themselves reading – either level appropriate books or their own works!
  • Cycle through more amazing author/photographers.


Thanks for checking in on my learning journey,

Dani ❤

“Educating the mind without educating the heart,

is no education at all.”


Find us on Facebook!

Hello friends,

Tomorrow is the official kick off to my “Facebook Photographer/Author” project!  We have spoken about internet safety, what we share online and what we don’t, and we are ready to start. 🙂  I have attached the form (similar to the Tweet one Alec showed us, or this one) that kiddos will fill out when it’s their turn to be an author!  I used nicknames instead of real names as the only option because I told families in my original permission slip that names and photo’s would not be posted together.

Check it out here: Facebook Info Page

Below is my template and my first few monkey’s ready to roll.


Tomorrow we are going to shoot our “Internet Safety Tips” video, stay tuned!

Dani ❤

“Educating the mind without educating the heart,

Is no education at all.”


Let’s Get This Show on the Road.

Hello friends,

I’m moving ahead with my learning project and so far I have 17/24 permission slips back (here it is again if you want to peek it :University Class Media Release Note) meaning I have 17/24 kiddos ready to take over our Facebook page as Jr. Author’s and Photographer’s.  😀

Before we officially kick off the project I wanted to go over internet and computer safety with the whole class so we all were on the same page as far as how we need to conduct ourselves online!  I knew my class had varying degrees of experiences online so I was already aware that some would know exactly what I meant, and some wouldn’t have the slightest!  The varying degree of involvement with the online world happens at this age for many reasons – 1) kids sometimes just don’t have a lot of access to computers at home either because they don’t have the technology for money or personal beliefs, or their families limit the hours of screen time, 2) kid’s have only ever had access to sites that are strictly monitored and selected for them making it unnecessary to learn safety guidelines or 3) some are just online all the time with no guidelines or rules and just do as they please without regard for safety…therefore never learning them.  We started with a “Show what you know” on the board – I asked for help answering the following question..


Some of the responses were : “Not sharing information about yourself”, “Asking permission”, “Not going on things you don’t know”, “Being safe”, “Don’t talk to strangers”.  Those are kids who have spent time online and have even a little bit of an idea of what it means to be safe on a computer.  Some other responses were, “Hold the computer with two hands”, “Don’t run and hold a computer”, “Don’t colour on the computer screen because then you won’t be able to see what you’re doing”, “Shut the computer down properly”.  The children who provided those answers were still stuck in the “Computer safety” phase and had a harder time wrapping their head around the idea that we need are taking about safety once we are logged into our computers.  After this discussion we watched a video from the American website, Brainpop Jr. that specializes in short educational videos for kids on a variety of subject matter.  Brainpop uses fun, funny characters to explain concepts to kids that are sometimes hard to otherwise and they do so in an engaging and exciting way.  Brainpop Jr. is geared for primary, but there is also a Brainpop site geared towards middle years as well.  The yearly subscription is around $225 CAD but in my opinion, worth every cent.  With each video there are quizzes, activities, word work, art activities, etc.  The video I linked below is the one I showed my class around Learning About Internet Safety.  This video is among the free resources you can access on their site – check it out!

Once the video wrapped up, we spoke a little more about the idea together and then set off to create posters to advertise to others how we can be safe online!  Below are a few examples of the poster’s my little’s are working on:

Once we complete the posters I plan to shoot a short video of the kid’s sharing their ideas – keep your eyes peeled for that! 🙂


All in all, I’m excited at how this project is shaping up!  My kid’s are looking forward to it and feel like they had a hand in creating it which I think is so important in education.

Thanks again for reading,

Dani ❤

“Educating the mind without educating the heart,

is no education at all”



Blast Off…with permission!

Hello friends,

I have made the decision to forge forward with the integration of a new technology into my classroom for my learning project!  I have given this a lot of thought as I already have a Facebook page well established in my room, but I think this is a great opportunity for myself as an educator to try something new and follow the lead of my students.  I always get wrapped up in the curriculum and feel bound by time and themes so I know this will help grow my pedagogy and make me a more responsive teacher.  My kiddos this year are intrigued with our Facebook, always asking me to snap photos and “put them on our page” so instead of that, why don’t they show me what is important to them and snap the photo’s themselves?

Each day we will have a new Facebook Author and Photographer who will share whatever they want from our day.  I will screen the information and add it to our page!  This project will give kiddos ownership in a safe way.  We will also focus on internet safety and digital citizenship throughout the project.  I have attached a permission slip  that I will send home tomorrow to my families – I have  asked that these slips come back on or before Friday so I can start our project on Monday! 🙂  This permission slip will cover sharing photos or videos on my blog with no names attached as well as sharing my final project with all of you in class.  I feel like this is both a legality and a courtesy to my families to ensure everyone feels safe participating.  Feel free to check it out, use it, modify it, etc.

University Class Media Release Note

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Thanks for checking in,

Dani ❤


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